Robot Wars – Post with Gallery 3

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  1. I was able to purchase a Macbook Air, Iphone 5se, and Ipad Air.
    These items were either open box or refurbished with a A rating. Fabulous Prices, all worked and looked new. I am a faithful user of a popular on line store that deals in the same items, however I can not get these kind of deals especially at these condition and prices.

  2. I have shopped at many places over the years. Unic Zone has proven to be the absolute best. Better customer service than I thought possible. Big selection of products, good pricing, and superb customer service. This is a winning combination.

    Anna Kowalsky
  3. Using the tools you provide ( specs and comparisons ) I built from the ground up a gaming PC that that PassMarks at 4432.
    This puts me in the top 83% of all PCs tested. Only 17% of computers tested, out run mine. All this for a total of $544. case, motherboard, CPU, memory and power. I will put mine against any $2000 Gaming PC

    Peter Wargner

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